Upcoming Uptown Events  


December 10 -- Ice Sculpting Contest and Celebration Saturday with Breakfast with Santa. Visit their Facebook event page for more details.

December 16 -- Gift Time, a fundraiser for the Imagine Butte Resource Center that features local artists and crafters. The IBRC is looking to partner with Butte-area creatives who make artisan goods such as paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, small sculpture, functional pottery, jewelry, textiles, soaps, and many other types of handmade gifts. In addition to these artisan goods, Gift Time also will feature a selection of gift certificates for local services such as workshop instruction, massage appointments, salon treatments, photography sessions, custom welding, small engine repair, yard work, event planning, cake decorating, sign painting, fine art framing, and more!

Gift Time 2016 is a fundraising event with a portion of the proceeds going to support the development of the Phoenix Fabrication Studios, which is planned for the warehouse on the Galena St. side of Phoenix Building. The Studios will provide access to work space and equipment for printmaking, ceramics, wood, and metal work, and will also be a community space focused on small business incubation and public art. You'll find a short application at the link below. Fill that out and someone will be in touch -- https://goo.gl/forms/5eTvL7iWk1njMXzz2


January 20-22 -- Snoflinga. For details visit www.snoflinga.org.